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Top 50 M&A Banker Dealmakers Globally for the Full Year of 2023

Top 50 M&A Banker Dealmakers Globally For The Full Year Of 2023

Dealytics Intelligence has compiled the a comprehensive list of the top 50 Banker Dealmakers globally based on deal volume for the 2023 full year. We have over 10,000 bankers in our database with transactions going back to 1990.

Download “Top 50 M&A Bankers for the Full Year of 2023” Top-MA-Bankers-FY-2023-vFINAL.pdf – Downloaded 1972 times – 405 KB

Source: Dealytics Intelligence.


Top 10 Bankers

1. Suhail Sikhtian (Goldman, Sachs & Co.) – Global Co-Head of Energy and Co-Chief Operating Officer

2. Greg Weinberger (Morgan Stanley) – Co-Head of M&A

3. Dan Korich (Goldman, Sachs & Co.) – Managing Director

4. Scott Hankey (Goldman, Sachs & Co.) – Managing Director

5. Paul Kwak (Morgan Stanley) – Managing Director

6. Mirko Gumpel (Goldman, Sachs & Co.) – Managing Director

7. Jerry Schretter (Bank of America Corp.) – Co-Head of Energy Investment Banking

7. James Rogers (Petrie Partners LLC) – Partner

8. Alan Hartman (Centerview Partners LLC) – Partner

9. Mark Robinson (Centerview Partners LLC) – Partner

10. Jason Lee (Centerview Partners LLC) – Partner


**Download the complete file for the full list of the Top 50 M&A Bankers for FY 2023**



Source Methodology:
Dealytics tracks thousands of data sources daily and compiles M&A transaction data through data portals and deals submitted by network legal and financial advisory partners. The banker league table lists senior bankers who have worked on an M&A transaction. The deal volume ascribed to an individual banker is based on the total deal value of the M&A transaction at the announcement date. The announcement date range is from July 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023. Some M&A transactions may have been subsequently withdrawn.

Dealytics has used significant efforts to ensure that the information in this document is accurate and updated as of the time of the release of the report. However, Dealytics nor its partners or its third-party data providers shall be liable for any errors, inaccuracies, or delays in the information, nor for any decisions made, or actions taken in reliance of this report. Dealytics disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, quality, or completeness of any data or content provided, or as to the fitness of the content for any purpose to the extent permitted by law. The content, data, and report herein should not be used for the purposes of making decisions to carry out a transaction or trade and does not provide any form of advice – investment, tax, or legal – amounting to investment advice, nor make any recommendations or solicitations regarding particular financial instruments, investments, products, or people, including the buying or selling of securities or hiring or firing of individuals. Dealytics has not undertaken any liability or obligation relating to the purchase or sale of securities for or by any person in connection with this report.


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