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Custom Built M&A Reporting Platform

Think of us as your data platform consultants. It's your data, reported the way you like it, accessible to everyone on your team through any web-enabled platform on all devices

What Is the Report Builder?

How it Works

Step 1: Select filters and report type

Target your report by selecting filters including date, deal size, geography, advisors, industry and many more

Select Report Type

Deal Report

List of M&A individual transactions shown based on the filtered criteria

League Report

League tables for investment banks, law firms, bankers, and lawyers shown based filters selected and ranked based on volumes, advisory fees, or number of deals

Matrix Report

Custom row and column selection – similar to a pivot table

Step 2: Customize report layout

Configure the report layout by selecting row/column attributes, aggregation methodology, and fields

Select Report Layout Features

Select Row/Column Attributes

Select the column and row attributes which include investment banks, bankers, industries, countries, deal value, companies, etc.

Aggregation Methodology

If you selected League or Matrix report – you’ll need to select how you want to aggregate the attributes which include deal value, number of deals, advisory fees, revenue, EPS, or net income.

Time Breakdown & Records

If you selected League or Matrix report, you can arrange the data based on months, quarters, and years. Furthermore, you can select how many records you’d like pulled from top 10 to all.

Step 3: Report results, analysis, and deep dive

Once the report is produced you can further deep dive into the data or download the data

Select Report Layout Features

Deep Dive into the Data

Double click on the entity name to investigate the underlying deals

Download the Data

Simple 1 click to export to CSV, PDF, or Excel

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