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Smart Search

Dynamic Smart Search was built with custom data parsers so you can quickly pull data and generate reports without using a report builder. Use the search bar like you would use Google to pull profiles on any type of entity or to create reports by simply typing out the parameters you want to filter.

Query Builder

Search and query data dynamically like you would using Google. Our smart search technology intelligently parses text and filters the data.

Intelligent Filters

Through the use natural language processing technology, we created intelligent filters that parse based on time period, deal value, financial advisors, industry, bankers, lawyers, geographies, and more.

Filtered Lists

Intuitively create a filtered list or jump to profiles of deals, bankers, banks, lawyers, law firms, geographies, industries and more.


Streamline your deal diligence, research, and analysis

Focus on winning deals. We’ve got you covered with all the deal data you’ll ever need.

Improve your existing diligence and reporting. Make use of valuable deal data points including metrics on individual bankers and laywers.

Data Coverage

From deal profiles to complete reports on advisors, companies, geographies and industries – we’ve got you covered on all deal-related data.

League Tables

Analyze league tables for financial and legal advisors as well as bankers and lawyers.

Track Deal Activity and Performance

Track top-performing bankers and lawyers by industry, sector, or geography and at their respective advisory firm.

Custom Reports

Power your advisory, strategy, and analytics with custom reports using our Matrix Report Builder

Powerful Report Builder

Need to tailor your reports? Want specific information such as cross-border activity over time? Easily generate reports and deep dive to see how they build up using Matrix Report Builder.

Pivot Table Functionality

Custom row and column selections to build reports and analyze trends.

Deep Dive

Double click on any row to review the aggregation and build up of any number or report.

Analyze Relationships

Explore connections and relationships

Our mapping technology to allows you to easily discover connections between advisors, bankers, lawyers, and companies going back over 20 years.


Explore the clients and deal history of any banker and lawyer.

Company Advisors

Review the financial and legal advisors for any company.

Stay connected

Connect with your network and see how you’re tied to professionals in your industry.

Recruit Top Talent

Search and evaluate top bankers, lawyers, and other professionals

Executive Search

Search for executives and deal makers based on a number of variables.

Banker Search and Recruitment

Search for bankers and deal makers based on experience, industry, geography, deal volume, expertise, and much more.

Lawyer Search and Recruitment

Search and generate lists of lawyers without the hassle of hiring a headhunter.


Track deal activity and the M&A market, advisors, and individual performance

Stay updated on the M&A market and your own performance using our dashboard

Personalized Individual Dashboard

Stay on top of the market, deal activity, and track your performance in your firm and industry at large with your personalized dashboard.

Market Activity

Track M&A activity at large with our M&A market dashboard

Submit Deals

Keep the market updated on your performance and deal activity by submitting deals.

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